Monday, February 12, 2007

Always Find the Sunrise

Did you know you can actually talk yourself into being happy? I'd heard it said before, but my thoughts tended to be skeptical, i.e. "whatever," "sure you can," "yeah, right." That skepticism did stop me many times from trying it out, but finally I said, "what do I have to lose?" Except I didn't actually think that. I was feeling pretty terrible when I woke up that morning, but I said to myself, "I can go to work miserable and pull everyone else down or I can go in cheerfully and make work a better place." So as I drove to work I talked to God, told him what was bothering me, and that I wanted to minister to my coworkers. I sang to Him and had a nice time. I had decided to be happy; I had asked his help, and I was happy. It's an attitude choice, a matter of the heart. For even if there is nothing else to be thankful for (which is doubtful) there is always the sunrise. And every day it is spectacular, even if you can't see it. So when you are down, choose to be happy, and always find the sunrise.

no, I didn't take the picture. I don't remember where I found it, or I would give credit by linking to the original source


lovetheunlovely said...

What a great post!

Thank you for my note...I just received it in the mail today.

Thanks again for being so sweet to me!

julie said...

Thank you for my sweet note too!

(I have not forgotten that I owe you a big long letter. One will be coming soon.)


Matthias said...

hi Sophie!
this sunrise is marvelous! did you take it?
I agree that watching the sun helps us a lot to put us in our place and become quiet, happy and inspired. whatever God is, the Sun is certainly a considerable part of it :-)

would you mind if I would use part of the picture as frame for my site ?

you find some music there you might like...

thank you

Sophie said...


I am so sorry for my delayed response. No, I did not take this picture. I never have been able to get a good picture like this one at Newport Beach. I hope you find what you need for your website; thanks for stopping by!


Karen said...

Sophie, can you remember where you got the photo from? I also am interested in using it, as part of the cover art for a DVD case, but all the websites that I can find that have it are clearly not the original.