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Dilate and Evacuate, more commonly known as D&E, is an abortive process that takes place over two to three days. First, the cervix is numbed, and then dilators are inserted to open the uterus. Overnight, these expand.[1] When the dilators are removed the doctor has access into the uterus. S/he then proceeds tears the baby apart by using specialized forceps and the pieces of the child are removed from the womb one at the time. Larger babies’ heads must first often be crushed to fix through the cervix.

The doctor then scraps the wall of the uterus
trying to get out all of the remaining pieces from the womb. This is a very dangerous process as the uterus can be punctured, and a punctured uterus means hemorrhaging. After the doctor scraps the uterus, the baby must be reassembled to make sure all of the pieces are been removed from the uterus so infection does not set in.[2]

[1] Feminist Women’s Health Centerhttp://www.fwhc.org/abortion/ab-procedures.htm

(accessed 18 October 2007)


Anonymous said...

jUST TO SAY, THIS IS tHE wORST THING I HAVE ever seen in my life !!

Don't have this done to you and your baby, it's the sickest thing!!


Sophie said...

Thanks for stopping by, Joe.

It is sick to see the aftermath of abortion. I encourage everyone to LOVINGLY encourage those they know and love not to have an abortion, not only is the unborn destroyed, but there is emotional and physical aftermath to the woman who had the abortion.

To those who have had an abortion and are hurting: there is restoration and healing available to you. Painkillers and drugs aren't going to take away your pain, though it might numb it for awhile. There is healing found in trusting and believing in Jesus. If you want to talk about this please comment here or email me: its.sophie@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

yeah ok if there wasnt abortion then think how overpopulated the world would be right now, its bad enough already and getting worse

Sophie said...

Anonymous - I appreciate your concern, but overpopulation is a myth. There is actually a downward spiral in population, and no concern of overpopulating anytime soon.

But, even assuming overpopulation was a problem it is not a good reason to have an abortion. Seeing as the fetus is a living human being abortion becomes problematic. If the world was becoming overpopulated it would not give us justification to go out killing people who "inconvenienced us," which is the reason given for many abortions. Overpopulation would not justify abortion, and, as overpopulation is not a problem, we certainly have no right to choose to take the life of another human being.

Thanks for stopping by, and for your concern!

Sophie said...

I have been told the links do not work in my above comment. Sorry about that. Here they are, in order.




Anonymous said...

I agree that those are indeed sickening images, and abortions past the 21 week period are inhuman. However, this procedure is only used after the first 21 weeks, so I agree that this should be banned, but I think women should still have a choice in the first month or so. There are so many young girls making the wrong decisions, and many would in desperation turn to very dangerous methods of abortion. Another thing, is the countries in which people cannot afford more children. Birth control is not always effective, and in some countries even married couples might choose not to keep a baby because they do not have the resources to raise it. Take Russia for example, until recently, a preagnant woman in Russia was a rare sight, because even if someone chose to carry out a pregnancy, the places that children end up in that were given up are often extremely bad. Also, the chance for adoption is very slim, since there are already over 750,000 Russian children in need of a loving family. So yes, go ahead and outlaw abortion, cause young teen-age girls to mutilate themselves instead of going to a professional clinic, and add millions more children to that already long list of kids whose mother chose to have them but could not provide them with a home. Once again tho, I AM against the late-term abortions that were mentioned on this page.

Sophie said...

Why do you think that 21 weeks is any different from 20 weeks or 18 or 10 weeks? How does the "fetus" gain "human" status at that point? That is what this whole question boils down to because if the unborn is not a human than abortion is okay, but if if the unborn is human, abortion is murder. And killing someone because you don't have resources to provide for them does not provide a justifiable reason for that action. And just because the mother is unable to provide for the child does not mean that no one can, there are so many families who want to have children but are unable to for various reasons. Adoption is a wonderful alternative to abortion. And "the chances may be slim" but I personally know of at least three children who were adopted from Russia, two from the Ukraine, and several from Korea. People are trying to adopt, government has made that more difficult than it ought to be, but that doesn't mean that abortion should now be a viable option. Also, you assume that girls will mutilate themselves if they cannot have an abortion. One, why would they choose to do this before 21 weeks and not after, and two, of course that is always an issue, but not everyone would choose to go this route. In fact, I would figure that most would not go this route, but would either find a way to raise the child/ren themself or would find a loving family who wants a child to raise him/her. I am glad that you are against late term abortions, I just think that your reasoning and excuses for allowing other abortive procedures is lacking. If you want to continue this discussion please email me: its.sophie [at] yahoo.com
Thanks so much for your input and interaction!


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but using shock-jock tactics is a staple a pro-life that I'm kind of tired of. Pro-lifers will post images of aborted babies and the likes, and try and shock people into changing there ways.
However, such images do get the point across. I myself have been in debate over this for some time now. I'm male and thus will never have to make the choice myself, but I'm not sure wjere I make my stand on the issue.
For now what I'll say is this. If abortion was just outright illegalized, then many women would head for the chopshop rather than being able to go to clinics. In which case it is very likely both the mother AND child will die. Does that sound pro-life to you?

Sophie said...

Anonymous -

First, for your objection, please see the comment I made prior to your own. I believe I have already addressed that issue. I will add one further comment, however.

Please do not think that those against abortion care nothing for a mother who is carrying a child she does not want, or that we care nothing for mothers who have had an abortion before. We do care. We care about the mother and her child, and we want the best life for both. Elsewhere (I will include the links at the bottom of this comment) I have noted problems that face the one who chooses abortion over carrying the baby full-term. Even pragmatically - even if someone did not care whether or not the child lives or dies - abortion does not make sense because of its harmful side effects to the mother. We want the best for the mother and the child - we are pro-life. And as I stated, please see my above comment which addresses the concern you presented.

As a male, you may never have the opportunity to "choose" in that you will never carry a child. However, as a male you have influence over the women in your life. You can influence them for abortion or for life. And as a man, abortion still impacts you. Here is the link to an interesting article I came across:

Lastly, you are right in noting that images of the aborted do get the point across (the baby is a human), but you are wrong in assuming that I use these images for shock value. If my desire was to shock people for the sake of shocking them and obtaining a reaction, I would not put a warning at the beginning of every post containing an image of an aborted child. I use the pictures as an illustrative tool, and yes, it is shocking. There is a difference, however, between using something shocking because it reflects reality and the truth needed to be known (my motive), and using shocking images for their shock value only. The facts remain, and the children in these pictures are not alive. But if I can use images of their death to prevent the death of others (and provide warning of the graphic nature of these pictures) then I think that is completely valid. I can tell you what abortion is and what it does all day long. Or, I can show you a picture and show you the reality of abortion, which, as you noted, makes the point in a way words never could.

Thanks for your comment, and if I can help you decide where you stand please let me know.

Links showing how abortion affects women after the fact:

Mental Illness: http://abortion-information.blogspot.com/2008/05/does-abortion-lead-to-mental-illness.html

Women in Action Association's Findings: http://abortion-information.blogspot.com/2008/04/complications-of-freedom.html

Long-Term Complications: http://abortion-information.blogspot.com/2008/05/long-term-copmlications-associated-with.html

Campaign for Healing: http://abortion-information.blogspot.com/2008/06/abortion-changes-you-campaign-for.html

Anonymous said...

pro-choice is pro-life. duh. "pro-life" is anti-choice. why do people think they have the right to control another person's life? if you don't agree with abortion, don't get an abortion. :)

Cristy from Australia said...

the reason why abortion is not advisable or (in my opinion) morally right after 20 weeks, is because a fetus can survive outside of the uterus at 20 weeks+. If it can survive with the correct care then yes it would be murder (in my eyes) in going through with the aborton unless it was medically needed for critical health reasons. If the fetus was 19 weeks and younger then there should not be any concern for the reasons why a women chooses to do this as even if her body was to go into early labour the fetus would not survive anyway.

words in brackets () enfisise that this is mearly an opinion about the topic and its methods. while i have given actual facts i will remind those who choose to read between the lines that opinion is neither right nor wrong but simply a point of view.

Abortion is still a womens right should she choose to do it or not (i strongly sujest not bosting about it for your own well being, there are some nasty people out there, sadly).

I personally couldnt do it though, knowing that the life inside of me will in only 1 years time be a big sparkly eyed, rosy cheeked, bundle of laughs and joy.

I hope I have helped those of you reading this seeking advice or answers and I hope you make the right decision for you!

Cristy xoxo

Sophie said...

Anonymous - I must disagree with you that pro-choice is pro-life. Please explain yourself, for all of the facts I have seen indicate otherwise. From what I have discovered in my research, the fetus is a human being from conception.

In that case, I must say "Why do people think they have the right to control another person's life?" Why do people think they have the authority to kill another human being, one who is unable to defend him/herself?

Here are some of my findings about abortion in regards to life:


Cristy - You make a good point about the child being able to survive outside of the womb after 20 weeks, and that is certainly a point to be well considered. Thank you for mentioning it.

It does seem odd to me that you would say that you have "given actual facts" but then feel compelled to say that abortion is "neither right nor wrong but simply a point of view." Actual facts will speak of truth. Truth is not subject to a mere point of view, but something which ought to be acted responsibly upon.

I also suggest that you look at the above links I posted for Anonymous - while it is true that after 20 weeks many babies can survive out of the womb, all that is needed for life is the proper environment (etc, which I lay out in those links). There is NO significant difference between the child in the womb and us outside the womb.

I am glad that you could not have an abortion, please look at those links and consider the actual facts about the life of the fetus before and after 20 weeks.

Thank you both for your input on this topic!


Brandy Hopper PRO_LIFE said...

God Bless You Sophie. I would love to talk to you on a more personal level. I am out of breath talking about this murdering spree. but I will NOT stop until we are heard. Not only is this a sin but it's murder-- NO WAY AROUND IT. THOU SHALL NOT KILL. I am not unsympathetic to the "mothers" I am, however to killing innocent babies, no matter what plan, pill, shot week etc. These are children from the second you have sex!! You make the decision to terminate the CHILD not FETUS. I have an idea. STOP HAVING UNPROTECTED SEX!!! I have never been so hurt, saddened and disgusted in my life. That was a baby!! I would love for you to talk to my group of people who have survived abortions.... amazing people. Thank you! for what you are doing... WE need to teach these kids AND adults safe sex or abstinence not easier and chaeper ways to kill their "mistakes" Jesus said "what you do to the least of these you do to me" Now, they may be able to get away with it on earth but by GOd not in heaven, when they have to explain themselves or see the angel of teh child they decided to kill. pro-life AND pro-abortion, well im anti-hypocrit! Bless you once again. Please feel free to email me I would love to talk to you. brandyhopper@rocketmail.com
you are a voice for those who cannot speak!

Sophie said...

I agree that abortion is murder, but I do think that our tone needs to be compassionate. This is not a fluffy issue. It is real, serious, with definite consequences. I appreciate your heart, Brandy, but I think you might be more effective in defending the unborn if your tone was less provocative.

Thank you for your encouragement!

Anonymous said...

Sophie-I can't bear to read all your specious arguments, after making it through the first few, so forgive me if you improved over time.

If you don't think there is a population growth problem, you are delusional or uneducated.

The photos you showed are beyond disturbing and informative, but I think you do the world a disservice through the rest of your illogical argument.

Sophie said...

Dear Anonymous,

"If you don't think there is a population growth problem, you are delusional or uneducated"

I have done my research and come to my conclusions. If you think I have come to the incorrect conclusion, please provide counter-evidence. Until then I have no reason to change my view.

I agree the photographs are disturbing, that's why I show them. Sometimes nothing else conveys the truth like photographs.

"I think you do the world a disservice through the rest of your illogical argument."

I'm sorry if I have been illogical. Please show me where I have made this error and I will correct myself.

I must say in my defense that at least I have attempted an argument, instead emotional assertions of fact. If you believe abortion is ok, then please make counter-arguments to the evidence and arguments I have presented.

Merely claiming them illogical does nothing, and provides no reason or motivation for me to change what I believe.

Thank you for stopping by,

Anonymous said...

I think abortion is absolutely horrfic...why would you consider doing this to any child. Some think it is justified in some cases, like pregnancy by rape but still, it isn't the baby's fault. Others think it is justified if the baby is handicapped but what reason is that to take a life. EVERY child has the right to live. If you are going to abort your baby, why don't you try not getting pregnant in the first place.

Sophie said...

Anonymous -- no method of not conceiving (save abstinence) is perfect. I definitely share your heart that the baby should not be done away with because the woman was raped, or because the child him/herself is mentally handicapped. In cases where the individual or couple does not want to raise the child themself/ves I highly recommend putting your child up for adoption. I have several friends who were put up for adoption and are so grateful to be alive and be raised by those who care for them.