Tuesday, November 20, 2007

"It's Just a Clump of Cells."

Those who have been following the series here on abortion may be surprised at the continued references to the fetus "baby" or "child" while it is still in the womb. You may have even seen the pictures of those aborted and thought "wow, that looks much more like a human being than just a clump of cells." I believe that it is a living child in the womb, and not "just a clump of cells" or "just a fetus." This is crucial.

If the fetus is not a human being than abortion is justifiable: I brush skin cells off my arm and it's not killing a human, so if it is just cells in my womb it's okay to get rid of them as well. However, if it really is a living human being than there is no justification for abortion: it is murder. So what is the unborn?

First, we need to examine the scientific evidence.
  • The unborn is living.
"Wait, how do you know that? You can't start out asserting something like that."
So: is the unborn alive? Yes, from conception all that is needed to live is (1) a proper environment and (2) adequate nutrition. This is what the unborn has in the womb, therefore: the unborn is living.
  • The unborn is a distinct and whole organism.
"What?! No, the unborn is definitely a part of the mother's body."
This is actually quite absurd if really given some thought. What this is saying is that for about nine months of her life a woman has four hands, four feet, two heads, two hearts, two bladders, four eyes, two noses, two mouths, two stomachs, etc. AND, if she is carrying a boy she also has male parts. This is not so. A female cannot naturally have this, therefore: the unborn is a distinct and whole organism.
  • The unborn is human.
"How do we know the unborn is human? The unborn doesn't look human!"
If it is growing, it must be living. The unborn is growing. If it has human parents, it must be human. The unborn being discussed here has human parents. The unborn is human.

By the way, human beings like me and you are valuable, right? Even if they are not yet born.

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