Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Complications of "Freedom"

Many women get abortions today because they are pressured into it (whether through parents, boyfriends, friends, teachers, etc) who want the girl or woman to be "free" or she desires "freedom" herself. What is not commonly known is that this is a very costly "freedom" and right now, I'm not even talking about what it costs the baby in the womb. I'm talking about what it costs the mother.

Recently, a team of medical experts, encouraged by Women in Action Association (a feminist organization) met together to compare notes on the after effects of abortion. (Story found on LifeSiteNews.com) What they discovered was there are serious medical and psychological effects that women who have had abortions deal with.

Emotional turmoil.

Massive bleeding.






These are only some of the after effects that women often must deal with after an abortion.

Full story here.

Family Research Council's Tony Perkin's, in his newletter "Washington Update" from November 13, 2007, had this to say:

Eight months after Portugal crumbled under pressure to legalize abortion-on-demand, leaders in the medical field gathered there to participate in Lisbon's first Conference on Human Life Studies. With one voice, experts from across the world decried the suffering of women who undergo abortions. Presentations featured renowned obstetricians, psychologists, therapists, and others who used medical evidence to illustrate how abortion harms the unborn and their mothers. Interestingly enough, the conference was promoted by the feminist Women in Action Association. Given the sobering truth about the effects of abortion--like depression, emotional problems, and future birth or health risks-- the world could certainly use more feminists who put aside politics for the true protection of women.
Abortions leave two victims: the baby and the mother. Please, don't have an abortion. There are other, better options

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Euphreana said...

And peolple say "Abortian is 'good' because it's a natural part of nature!"...

Makes me plain mad.

Anonymous said...

The #1 emotion women feel after an abortion is relief. Not an opinion, just a fact. The best predictor of whether a woman will be menally troubled after an abortion is whether she was troubled before. Again, not an opinion, just a fact. You can argue all you want about when life begins but the fact is that abortion does not cause lasting mental trauma.

Sophie said...

Anonymous - I would like to see evidence of your fact. All the research I have done indicate the opposite opposite fact (some of sources I have referenced above). If you are going to claim "facts," please provide your material. Otherwise I must disregard your claims. Thanks for stopping by.