Monday, June 8, 2015

Bacon Sauteed Zucchini

I had a balanced meal all planned, my meat, my rice, my green. Then I had the brilliant idea - let's sautee the green in bacon grease. Cause, you know, that's the healthy thing to do! But oh, so tasty. I remembered to take the above picture right before the last ones were gobbled down ... we started with that pan packed.

I used

  • 4 zucchini, quartered vertically and halved horizontally
  • A Tbsp or so of bacon grease
  • liberal salt
  • few shakes of oregano
  • the largest skillet I own
I started out by doing a quick sautee on medium-high heat to coat all the pieces in the bacon grease. Then I shook the salt and oregano, cover the skillet, and turned it to medium-low. The zucchini pieces are thick so this is basically steaming the zucchini with it's own water. And natural bacon flavor. After the zucchini was tender, I uncovered them and turned it back up to medium-high to let that excess water evaporate.

And you're done! Easy, real food ... even if the health factor is debateable ;-) The taste, however, is anything but.

So good.

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Beth Branch said...

I have some yellow squash AND zucchini I need to cook for dinner. Now I need to cook some BACON so I have bacon grease for the squash! Bacon makes everything better!

Ruth Sophia said...

For sure! I usually bake my bacon cause I get a lot more grease AND it's clean. I save it in a small glass container in my fridge and pull it out for scrambling eggs, or something like this! Enjoy!

Beth Branch said...

OK, how do you bake your bacon?

Ruth Sophia said...

It's really easy, and I love it because I don't have to stand over the skillet babysitting but can do other things as it cooks.

Beth Branch said...

Thank you!