Monday, March 19, 2007

Life is Lonely by the Sea

Life is lonely by the sea -
The village far away;
The seagulls keep you company,
Your mind, it often strays.

Out to sea your lover went
And many years have passed,
Since that fateful, frosty morn
When you saw him last.

The lighthouse beams from dusk to dawn
And not a second more.
It leads the weary travelers home
'Least safely to the shore.

The stars, they dance and sing for you;
Your heart, alone, does ache.
The salty breeze it comforts you
And sorrows from you take.

The widows walk is where you find
Yourself when hope seems gone;
Still looking for that certain ship
To bring your lover home.

Ah, life is lonely by the sea -
Among the sand and rocks.
You know not if your lover lives:
He lives still in your thoughts.

written by Sophie 
picture credit

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