Thursday, March 17, 2016

Dear Mom - I Know You're Overwhelmed

Has this week been hard for you?

It has for me too. With 3 under 3 (the youngest just over a month) and none yet potty trained, Daylight Savings Time is no joke. We had a schedule and were barely making the routine work when BAM all of a sudden everything is off by an hour. Except the baby doesn't change her schedule, and since I'm unable to nurse (I have to bottle feed THEN pump) this is pretty disastrous. Can I even make it a year like I want? Panic tries to set in.

I can't think long term right now. I'm in survival mode.

One day at a time. One day at a time. 

Except, I'm not even sure how I'm going to make it through the day.

One moment at a time. Sometimes, one sob at a time.

Sleep is already a precious commodity with a newborn, and they just stripped an hour away. It's cruel! I don't think I've had to literally - forcibly - consciously - live in the moment as much as I have since DST this year. If I try to start thinking beyond that, I just can't take it right now.

Do you relate?

Sure, the details look different, but you're a mom and that's hard work. Are you now having to wake up before the birds to have a few sane moments? In the middle of packing with little ones and not sure how you can make that adjustment while in transition? Teen already have a hard time making it out the door to school on time and now this?

Whatever your situation, you can do it. I know it doesn't feel like it. I know the world is literally on your shoulders. I know you're tired and frazzled and just want a moment of peace or a bit of uninterrupted sleep. I know you don't know when you're going to go to the store to get more groceries because you forgot to stock up while you had a routine that synced with the clock. I know you forgot to start on time.

But you've got this.

It's ok if you need to have cereal for supper. Or eat snacks for lunch. It's not going to kill you or your children.

Have grace.

This season of life we're in? It's a season. It's a hard season. It's a beautiful season. But it's a season.

This will pass. We will make it through.

And I bet we'll look back on our tears with tears in our eyes at how fast it really all went by.

The years fly by, but I also know some days seem like they'll never end.

But you can do this. You will do this.

How do I know that?

You're a mom. That pretty much means you're a superhero. It's just what you do.

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