Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Obama's Government Mandated Healthcare

Yesterday I sat in the House Gallery listening to representatives give one minute speeches concerning the Health Care bill President Obama is trying to push through.

The numbers were staggering.

5:1 was the ratio - 5 against the legislation, 1 for

The number of constituents that had contacted their Representative was evident. Every speaker against the bill talked in concrete terms and was talking as representatives of their people. Every speaker for the bill talked abstractly and generally, never once talking about how this would affect their people.

There were several Representatives who also had a chart illustrating what kind of bureaucratic mess their people would have to muddle through for this new government mandated healthcare.
They are not allowed, via Speaker Pelosi's orders, to pass this chart out to their constituency, so they showed in the gallery, hoping for media coverage to show their people what this would look like in action.

I have found a copy of this chart and posted it below.

The people are not for government mandated, nationalized, socialized healthcare. It takes away ours rights. This would drastically change our government model from We the people, for the people, by the people, to We the government, for the government, by the government (while trying to convince you we aren't controlling anything).

Contact your Representative today. Kill the bill - before it kills you.


Anonymous said...

My heart is heavy with the pure evil that is in this health bill. It is my prayer that it is stopped forever so that it cannot ruin this country and millions of lives. Thank you for sharing. I would encourage you to continue to tell everyone you know to read the bill (as much as possible) and bring to light the horrible things that it would bring to this country. We cannot be silent any longer or we will be permanently silenced.

ronandwhit said...

Thanks for sharing! I've linked your post on the mommy forum I belong to, as well as Facebook. People need to know!