Monday, July 20, 2015

Make Over Your Mornings {Pre-Game Session}

After almost two months since Crystal launched the Make Over Your Mornings course, I will finally be starting it tomorrow (possibly later today, depending on how the children nap)! I didn't bother before now because my brother was getting married last weekend, and everyone was pretty busy.

So, my pre-game post.

I don't know what to expect going in, except I've heard nothing but good things about the program. I already have a kind of routine for my mornings. It goes something like this:

-- wake up when I hear the baby on the monitor
-- dress baby and feed him, put him back in crib
-- if toddler isn't awake yet, eat breakfast and pump
-- if toddler still isn't awake, get dressed & ready for the day
-- if toddler is awake, get her dressed, put her in high chair with breakfast, eat breakfast myself, and pump
-- put toddler in play room, get dressed
-- depending on what is planned for supper, dump in crockpot

It's hardly glamorous, but it is a kind of routine. A very flexible routine. I'm sure it's not the most efficient and that I could do better, but I'm not sure how.

That's why I'm excited about this course

It takes only 15 minutes a day for two weeks to go through all the lessons.

And if you aren't sure if the course will really be beneficial to you, it comes risk free! If, after 30 days, you don't believe that this course really helped you - ask for a refund and you'll get it with no questions asked. How generous!

And the course only cost $17 - normally.

But right now - through January 9 - the MOYM course is on sale for $9!

Here is what Crystal Paine has to say about the course
[This is] a 14-day online course that includes videos, a workbook, and step-by-step projects. 
[It] is designed to help you revolutionize your productivity, streamline your routines, invest your time in things that truly matter, and find more joy and peace in the process. 
If you've ever wished that you could figure out how to get more done, have more organization in your life, and find time to spend on things you love, the Make Over Your Mornings Course is for you. 
It's not about following a one-size-fits-all system (because every woman and family is different!), but about creating a morning that is in line with your life, your strengths, your family's needs, and your unique situation.

I'll be posting next week about any benefits I've experienced from Making Over My Mornings - a half-time report, if you will. The following week I'll post my thoughts on the course as a whole - a game recap. Then, I'll do a followup post after 30 days to let you honestly know if it's been beneficial, the pros, if I've noticed any cons, etc.

What do you think? Are you ready to Make Over Your Mornings?

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