Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Money Making Mom

Crystal Paine, author of the very popular Money Saving Mom blog, has just released a book to let women everywhere in on what to do and what not to do when trying to work from home.

Crystal has years of experience under her belt, both the successful blog venture and some not so successful one before that, which she talks about in her book. Her goal is to provide the know-how so other women can learn from her success - and failures.

She walks you through conventional and unconventional ideas to help you discover what might be the best fit for your family as to bring in some money. 

This book is NOT just for those looking to have a full time business from their home. Crystal knows everyone's situation is different and gives useful ideas from wanting/needing to earn just a little on the side to regular part time income and full time gigs. 

The big thing is knowing what you want to accomplish, and why. Are you trying to have money so your daughter can take ballet? Do you need to get out of debt? Wanting to pay the bills for your sickly grandfather? Once you know your goal for earning money, you're on the path to knowing how to find a way to actually earn the money.

Crystal encourages you to think about each opportunity presented to you - does it fit in with your lifestyle? with your goals? Will it be more trouble than it is worth? She wants you to feel free to say no, so that when the right opportunity presents itself, you are free to say yes.

Financial fear is no joke, but it's also not the way to live. Be intentional. Be creative. Believe you can own the situation. Having a can-do attitude frees you to look at your situation in a new light & brainstorm as to how you can make a difference in your financial future.

It will be scary at times, Crystal knows from experience, but as long as you are making changes and progress you are on your way to achieving your goals. But if you never change, you'll never go anywhere - and that's scarier. 

The important takeaway is that you do have a financial future. Things don't have to be how they are now. You can make a difference and finally take a vacation, or pay for that land so you can build your house, or pay off your student debt. And Crystal wants to help you get there. She knows there are no secrets, just good old fashioned elbow grease, and she wants to help you spend your energy focused on something that will make a difference - not have you needlessly spin your wheels.

If any of this has resonated with you, you should definitely pick up a copy of Money Making Mom. Even though we aren't where we need me to make money to make ends meet, we do have dreams of what we'd like to accomplish, and this book ignited a spark of inspiration. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book in advance as a member of Crystal's launch team. All opinions are my own. This post does contain affiliate links. This means that, at no additional cost to you, I may receive a small commission for referring business. Thank you for your support!

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