Thursday, January 28, 2016

Ways to Save: TopCashBack

Somethings you just need to go to the store for. Others? Not so much. I love thinking of something I need, adding to the appropriate store's cart, and doing this till I have enough for free shipping. It's pretty great.

What makes it even better is earning cash back on the purchase. I've used a few rewards programs over the years for this. TopCashBack is, in my opinion, the best. Why? Compare it to what other reward programs are offering ... every time I've checked, TopCashBack gives you the highest payout. Hence their name - it's actually accurate!

How TopCashBack works is pretty much like any other cash back (or points earning) site you'd use. You log in on their website, pull up the retailer you want to shop at online, click through and make your purchase! That's it. They'll add the cashback to your account in a few weeks once the retailer processes everything and gives them the official ok.

Plus, they sometimes have little games you can participate in to earn entries or a little extra cash. Right now they have a Valentine's Game where you can enter to win a $2,000 romantic getaway for two!

I've rarely had an issue with claims or anything, but when I have they have been very responsive ... also not the case with other sites I've tried.

Another thing I like? There is no minimum needed to cash out your cashback. This is awesome because I always got frustrated with trying to earn enough points to be able to get a gift card on other sites. On TopCashBack you can either get cash via PayPal, or you can get the Cash Back in form of a gift card, usually at a slightly higher rate than you would get for cash.

It's free to join, and easy to use. I really love using them! What are you waiting for? 

original logo image full disclosure: if you sign up through my referral link, I will receive a small compensation for your joining after you have reached $10 in cashback.

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