Sunday, June 8, 2014

TJ and the Time Stumblers (Series Review)

Here is my review for each book in the TJ and the Time Stumblers series by Bill Myers.

New Kid Catastrophes: 3 stars: Sets the tone of the series

Not my favorite book (or series) - I love imagination, but its just a little over-the-top for my taste. I do appreciate the values the book (and series) highlight, but the book(s) (should be) for elementary aged kids - not middle schoolers. If this is what appeals to adolescents then we're worse off than I suspected. The book (and series) aren't bad, but they aren't fantastic either.

AAAARGH!!!: 3 stars: Just alright

The book is crazy-over-the-top. If you like the craziness of Myer's "My Life as ..." Series, you should love this. I never got into that series, and find a similar lack of connection here. No doubt it would appeal to some children (it's intended audience) but probably not if your child is more into the classics (like I was). I did appreciate the lesson the book had about cheating. At least there is a point to the story =)

Oops!: 3 stars: Over the Top

This book is so over the top - beyond what happened previously. Not that the book doesn't make good points about valuable lessons, but maybe it would be good for TJ to have to live with the consequences of her actions instead of getting a do-over thanks to 23rd century technology. Of course, that would make for a really awkward life, in this instance.

Ho-Ho-NOOO!: 4 stars: Best One Yet!

These books are not my favorite, but once you get used to them they aren't too bad. This one is my favorite so far - mainly because instead of time going backwards so everything can be redone, TJ has to learn her lesson and live with the actual results. That seems a much better way to teach a lesson than to have gadgets to get you out of the mess you (and the Time Stumblers) created.

Switched!: 3 stars: Predictable

This book felt like a replay of most of the other Time Stumblers books. They're zany and zonked as usual, but Myers' is running out of ideas for TJ and her friends. The lessons are still good ones, but the writing and scenarios created felt like a rerun instead of a new episode.

Yikes!!!: 2 stars: Strangest book of the series

This is not my favorite series. The book itself follows the series' standard outloopishness but really takes it over the top. It is nice to see TJ start becoming a leader though. I was glad TJ matured where Chad was concerned, but don't like the actual ending to the book. While TJ exhibits servitude in her adventure, it doesn't show the carry-over into her family life, which I found disappointing. I also thought the author broke the 4th wall too often.

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