Monday, March 2, 2009

A Pocketbook Full of Memories

As I'm cleaning around, I find a pocketbook I have not used in several months, but is nonetheless very full.

Here is what I found in my pocketbook:

  • Scissors from kindergarden
  • Pens and lanyards from conferences around the nation
  • A couple of packets of sunflower seeds and some sugar in the raw
  • My very first wallet and some packets of tea
  • An old Pepsi cap I always meant to give my brother
  • A coin pouch bought from a Filipino woman at a concert
  • A piece of candy from a child
  • Some gift cards I've saved for crafts and a piece of cement I picked up at some beach
  • Bracelets and necklaces made by my sister and I
  • Old receipts and bookmarks and theater tickets
  • Hebrew vocabulary cards
  • LOTS of highlighters and pencils
  • A fork from who knows when
  • A sewing kit, guitar pick, and a barnacled sea snail shell
  • Band-aides, antibiotic, and more besides
  • And a handful of crayons
Yes, it's a pocketbook full of memories.

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Stephanie said...

Welcome back. :)

That sounds like fun, and I think the cement from a beach is the most RANDOM thing you found! What were (are) you going to do with it?

Sophie said...

I am going to keep it, of course. It will go nicely with my other cement and fossil pieces from the beaches. :-)


Darlene said...

Wow. You may not have used the pocketbook for a few months, but it sounds like you haven't cleaned it out for many years!! :)