Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The "Call" of Missions

I'm called to missions.

Maybe you know someone who says that. Maybe you are someone who says that. Over the course of my life I have known quite a number of people that felt this way.

I think that's wonderful.

The great commission says we are to go and make disciples of all nations. If we are called to missions, then we are called to leave our homes and families and travel to reach the unreached.

At least, that seems to be the pervading thought. I don't know Greek, but I know a number of people who do, and what I am told is that the aforementioned Scripture would more accurately be translated, "as you are going, make disciples of all nations."

This doesn't necessarily mean we are called to leave our homes, families, friends to go far off and reach the unreached. As we go about our normal, everyday lives we can make disciples. In fact, in America (particularly the cities) we can easily make disciples of all nations right here in basically our own backyard.

If you can't think of opportunities you have to do this, there are probably easy ways you can: does your church support a local ministry which helps the less fortunate both practically and spiritually? If so, get involved. If not, see if they can recommend one to you.

See, the thing is if you are a Christian you have the call of missions on your life. Its not this mystical, esoteric, super specialized thing. Its a mandate for everyone who believes in Jesus.

Some people are supposed to go across the country or across the world to reach certain people, but most of us aren't. That doesn't mean we can't support their work (which makes us missional). That doesn't mean we can't go on one or many short term missions trip(s) in our lifetime. Raising children (biological, adoptive, or foster) - is a mission field. As is reaching their friends and teachers.

And you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem (where you live), in all Judea and Samaria (your state/country), and to the ends of the earth (everywhere else). Being a missionary does not mean neglecting your neighbor.

"'Not but that it's good, of course, to send money to the heathen, and I shouldn't want 'em not to send some there,' sighed Pollyanna to herself as she trudged sorrowfully along. 'But they acted as if little boys here weren't any account - only little boys way off. I should think, though, they'd rather see Jimmy Bean grow - than just a report!'" (Porter, Eleanor H., Pollyanna. Watermill Press: New Jersey, 1989, pg 89)

Serve the Lord at home. Seek Him. Trust Him. He will guide you and help you live a missional life - after all, if we choose to follow Jesus, missions isn't a "call" on our life ... it's something that's caused in our life. "Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men." If you find that's not the case for you, maybe you should examine your life. Maybe you aren't actually following Jesus - maybe you're trying to fit Jesus into your life, when you should be fitting your life into Jesus.

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