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Honest Thoughts on ePantry and Mrs. Meyers

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I was pretty excited when I received my first shipment from ePantry a couple weeks ago. I had heard many wonderful things about Mrs. Myers Clean Day products, but they cost significantly more than what I was currently using. We have a tight budget, so if we're going to pay more than necessary for any product, we need a really good reason.

EPantry is a Corp B business which means they try to be intentional about offering environmentally friendly options. Honestly, I think you can take being "environmentally friendly" too far, but we should be good stewards of our resources.

The best thing about ePantry, though, is two-fold.

1. They offer discounts on expensive brands like Mrs. Myers, Seventh Generation, method, Toms of Maine, and more. (See all offerings under "Brands" on )
2. They ship right to your door every month - or however often you want, it's easy to skip shipments - so you don't even have to make a run to the store in order to clean your house.

I've had a GREAT experience so far with their team. If you chat with them online, you're immediately connected to a real person who gives real time responses. If you email them, they get back to you within one or two business days with an answer to your question. (I've done both of these, so I know first hand!) One time, I logged in to my account and could get a $2 credit just by telling them what my favorite childhood book was - how cool is that?

OK - so I think ePantry is pretty great, but what about the Mrs. Myers products I ordered? Will I be ordering them again?

Here's a list of the Mrs. Myers products I ordered (with the scent in parenthesis): Toilet Bowl Cleaner (Lemon Verbena), Glass Cleaner (Lemon Verbena), Tub & Tile Cleaner (Lavender), Multi-Surface Cleaner (Lemon Verbena), Dish Soap (Honeysuckle), Hand Soap (Bluebell), Air Freshener (Lavender).

Toilet Bowel Cleaner - honestly, as far as I can tell, it works just as well as anything else I've used to clean a toilet. So nothing special in that way, however, it didn't give me a headache when I used it! I don't remember when I could clean the bathroom without getting a headache - or, when I was pregnant, without getting a headache and getting nauseous. And I don't even particularly care for the Lemon Verbena scent I picked - definitely not as citrus-y as I expected. But no headache? My husband and I agree - that makes it worth the extra money right there!

Glass Cleaner - Wow. That's my reaction in one word. Using this over Windex - noticeable improvement. Mrs. Meyer's glass cleaner is the first I've tried where streakiness was practically non-existent. I'll get a different scent next time, as I don't really care for the Lemon Verbena, but the product itself works wonderfully.

Tub & Tile Cleaner - I did a test in one particularly grime-y part of our tub, simply sprayed the cleaner on and walked away for a few minutes. Then I rinsed off that spot. I could see where the impact of the cleaner hit the grime. It was clean! I had done the same test with Scrubbing Bubbles previously ... and there was no visual change. So not only does it work well, I don't get a headache when I use it. Again, that right there is worth the little bit of extra money. Also, I highly recommend the Lavender scent, so far, it's my favorite.

Multi-Surface Cleaner - It works, but I don't know that it works better than other ones I've used in the past. And this product gives me a headache, which hasn't happened with other multi-surface cleaners I've tried. It may be the Lemon Verbena scent - I think it's more concentrated in this product vs the others I've tried in this scent. ePantry has a "happiness" guarantee, which I'm in communication with them about, where they will make your experience 100% right if you're not 100% satisfied, so I really like that.
*update* they offered me a refund, but when I asked about an exchange (so I could see if it was the product or the scent that caused so much issue) they willingly agreed. As soon as I sprayed my counters with my new scent of choice (Lavender, which caused no issue in other products) I, once again, had an massive headache. So, for whatever reason, I cannot use this product from Mrs. Meyers. I let epantry know this, and said I understood if I couldn't get a refund since they already sent me a replacement product. They said their 100% happiness guarantee is just that - and they sent me a couple options of other cleaners to try. I picked the Seventh Generation Free & Clear multi-purpose cleaner. No headache. No scent. Just clean. Yahoo!

Dish Soap - Prior to this, we were using Ajax that we purchased at Sam's Club. My husband is the one who usually does the hand washing, and he said that this dish soap is more powerful (aka, he uses less for the same result) and smells better than Ajax (We got the Honeysuckle in Mrs. Myers, and were using a citrus from Ajax, which didn't smell citrus-y at all). I know I can smell it if I come over the sink after he's done cleaning and it's a nice scent. He does think that Dawn would probably work better than Ajax, though, so he's not sure if Mrs. Myers is superior to Dawn. We will price compare, and if Dawn is cheaper than Mrs. Myers we will try that first so we have a comparison that is more comparable before we decide if we will buy this product again or not.

Hand Soap - This was a freebie add-on for a promotion they were running when I joined ePantry, we haven't tried it yet as we still have a bit of hand soap we had previously purchased. Honestly, the generic stuff we're currently using works just fine, so I can't imagine this will blow us out of the water and convince us to switch products.

Air Freshener - Love this. Most air freshener's, you guessed it, give me a headache. And aren't particularly pleasing scents anyway. This does not give me a headache, and it is a nice scent. It also works. We don't use air fresheners often, so this will last us awhile, but when we do need more, I imagine we will be purchasing Mrs. Myers. Note - I have not tried using this instead of Febreeze, like a de-odorizer. We use febreeze if there is an odor we need to kill, like in the diaper pail, or the moldy smell when we first moved into our house and there was a leaky faucet. I haven't tried this to see if it would work to the same purpose or not, but it works great if you just need to freshen the smell of the room, or even if there's just a lingering odor in the kitchen you can't get rid of even though you've cleaned.

So there you have it - the good and the bad about my experience thus far with ePantry and Mrs. Myers.

Have you tried ePantry or products from Mrs. Myers? What was your experience?

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