Monday, October 19, 2015

The Time Chamber

The Time Chamber is marketed as a story & coloring book, so let's just make one thing clear - this is a coloring book. For adults. Yes, there is a "story" ... the kind you might tell your young child before bed, but you're not going to buy this book for that. And the story isn't particularly "magical" like it states on the cover. If you buy this book, the story won't even be a consideration. You're going to buy it because the pages are beautiful

 and fun

and each one is different.

The pages are nice and sturdy too (no childhood coloring book quality here!).

I thought, for whatever reason, our view would be the fairy's view, so I didn't expect to see her in the coloring scenes. This was disappointing as coloring humans (or fairies!) is NOT my strong suit and not something I like doing. I never know what to do for the skin! And everything I do always looks wrong. Now, there isn't a humanoid on every page, but that still made me sad.

The fairy, for some reason, is in a different outfit every time she is depicted. I guess because she is "magical." Some of these outfits are cute, but others, unfortunately, look like underwear, or barely cover her rear.

I know that won't bother everyone, but I found it unnecessary and disappointing. I don't like seeing people wear skirts or shorts that short, and I certainly don't want to color it or have it where my children can see it to think its ok. And I really hate that there are a handful of outfits like this (especially when Daria shows that she can draw cute outfits that cover more appropriately) because the rest of this book is AWESOME.

Daria Song is the award-winning illustrator of The Time Garden, and has been featured in museums and galleries across Korea, Turkey, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

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