Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Test Gave Inaccurate Results

Stories such as the one following are not uncommon at all. I personally know quite a few people with no problems who would not be alive if their parents had aborted thinking they would be defective. Weigh carefully your decision: a human live is in the balance.

Baby born healthy after doctors advise aborting him
Rusty Pugh - OneNewsNow - 3/4/2008 1:00:00 PM

Adult hand and Baby handA leading women's pro-life group says a recent case in Wales, in which a perfectly healthy baby boy was born after a doctor had advised the couple to abort the child, is a good example of why parents should always choose life.

A baby that doctors said would be deaf, blind, and survive only a few hours is now healthy and attempting to talk. However, doctors previously urged Becky and Kriss Kramer to abort their baby. They claimed the child would be born with a rare condition that affects fewer than one-out-of-a-million people worldwide.

But the couple defied the doctors' advice, and their son Brandon was born in October. The new parents say he is now teething and attempting to talk.

Wendy Wright, president of Concerned Women for America, advocates that all parents should give their children a chance at life.

"This story that comes out of Wales is a good example for why parents ought to take medical diagnoses with a grain of salt, and should follow their natural instincts to love and nurture and care for and protect their child," she insists. "Even if the child had been born disabled, that is not a reason to kill the baby. We would never dream of killing a two-year-old that had significant disabilities."

The British Pregnancy Advisory Service, which bills itself as the U.K.'s "leading sexual healthcare provider," reports that it performs about 55,000 abortions a year. BPAS has facilities in England, Wales, and Scotland.

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