Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Oh ghastly empty cathedrals
Where we say the Most High God dwells
Must we continue living in this way?

Do our monotonous, glorious, ever-same sanctuaries
Block our prayers to God?
Can He hear our cries and prayers
Through these magnificent walls we've built?

Or does He hear us
And answer?

Do these walls block His reply?

Does our self-absorption keep us from
The one we long for?

What about the world? Do they know
Who He is?
Do we go out and share?
But I forgot

This is a Sanctuary
A place of refuge from the world
But we cannot keep out the stench of death that lies outside our door

What if
What if
What if it was a hospital instead?
A place of healing for those outside
What if we turned this place back to what it was meant to be?

The red cross demands it
The risen Saviour commands
What if the answer to our prayer is found
In doing what He says?

Just a thought...

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