Friday, August 15, 2008

Tax Cut

It is not uncommon to hear people make statements such as "I'm a Reagan Republican." After all, he is probably the best president we ever had, and this is certainly the case in my life time. Why did people love Reagan so much, even though people were initially skeptical of his presidential ability given his age? He made good policies, and he understood how the economy works, to name a couple.

The "economic crisis" we currently seem to be in has people scrambling all worried and in a tizzy. What would be the way to fix our problems? How can we fix everything? What about ...

Well, before you lose another nights sleep remember that the economy is going to go up and down - it's a part of being a capitalist nation. IT IS OKAY. In fact, it is normal. And it is artificial to think raising taxes or doing some other such thing is ever going to help. What did Reagan do in a similar time? He cut taxes. What the economy do? It improved. The less government interference, the better the economy goes. Remember that in light of the upcoming election, and read this great blog post about that memorable day Reagan cut taxes.

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