Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Bridge to Haven - book review

Bridge to Haven is my first Rivers' book. I've seen The Last Sin Eater, but hadn't gotten around to reading any of her many novels. I'll let the cat out of the bag: I didn't finish the this one. This almost never happens. I don't feel right about not finishing a book I start, and I really struggled about whether to keep reading this novel. I wanted to know how the story ended the way I know it will. I want to experience that journey. It wasn't that Rivers isn't a good author, I read about a third of the book and had to make myself stop.

Why? I didn't want to keep filling my mind with an abusive relationship, which had been the focus of the story for awhile. Getting raped, being abused, being sent away because of those bruises, verbal abuse, being drugged, manipulation, and more unwanted sex. That is not want I want to fill my mind with. It doesn't fall under whatever is good, noble, pure, excellent, praiseworthy. Hey, I realize that these situations happen in real life, which grieves me, but I empathize strongly when I read a good book. It's almost like a part of me becomes the character for a time. I felt Abra's shame. I still feel it. And it's not just an "oh no" moment, it is deep inside of me and I think it will take a little while to recover.

That's the mark of a good author, but it's not what I want to invest my energies in. I don't know how she ends up back home, but I know she does. And I have a few guesses as to what else happens (that I can't verify because no one's posted a detailed book summary anywhere yet ... the book's still too new). But I couldn't justify finding out if I was right, or how the characters resolved some issues.

I'm not judging people who love the book (and there are many), but the book isn't for me.

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