Tuesday, October 6, 2015

DIY: Organize Your Daughter's Hair Bows!

I don't know about you, but my daughter has SO MANY HAIR BOWS. They overflow if I have them in a container, and then I have to dig through to find the right one for the day. And she's only a toddler! And any hair ribbons? Those are a royal pain and virtually impossible to keep neat and accessible.

We were given a painting awhile back that we used for a time. Then we moved and didn't have a place for it. It was just sitting in the closet, and the frame had some scratches on it, but I don't really ever like to just get rid of things. Then, Sunday, it hit me! Here is the perfect solution so all of my daughter's hair bows are neat and easily accessible!

All I used was the frame, a staple remover, pliers (for the stubborn staples), ribbon, and hot glue. 

When I removed the backing from the painting, I noticed they had used staples to keep everything in place. That meant I didn't have to add staples or mess with taping down ribbon, so I kept as many staples as possible in place during the process. 

I did go and put a little hot glue over each staple, as some of them didn't seem very secure (I mean, we're talking about "Made in China" here, better safe than sorry).

Obviously, I used thin ribbon, doubled up. I also went straight up and down or side to side. After putting hair bows on this, I definitely recommend using a wider, thicker ribbon. It makes it easier for the hair bows to grip and not slip down. Also, I recommend shoe-stringing the ribbon. You can get the ribbon much tighter this way (this is what I did for the 2nd frame I made). 

Remember how I mentioned the frame was made in China, so I questioned it's quality? I tied a ribbon on one of the staples, and it just basically disintegrated! 

I did go back and put a dab of hot glue over all the knots I tied, just to make sure nothing came loose, and to cover the staples, in case any others wanted to do this!

As I mentioned, for frame #2 I shoe-stringed the ribbon. This made the ribbon noticeably tighter than tying it at each pass.

And there you have it! How to make your own Hair Bow Organizer! Of course, you may need to make some changes to suit your particular frame, but hopefully this gave you some ideas. 

For the hair ribbons, I decided to tie them into bows on the organizer - that way I could see ALL my ribbon options at once, and they wouldn't get tangled and spill everywhere. Boy were they a pain before - this is much better ... and cuter! 

Cute. Easy. Functional. Does it get any better? Oh yeah, built in wall art. So adorable.

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