Monday, November 23, 2015

7 Things NOT to Get the Person Who has Everything

You see the posts pop up like a snowstorm around this time of year providing you with a convenient list of things you can buy the person who has everything.

Here's the thing, some things seem to show up on all kinds of gift lists this time of year that absolutely should be nixed*. Here are my top seven.

1. Coffee Mugs
Let's be honest, unless you know someone actively collects coffee mugs or they drink coffee all the time and would want something commemorative (like this mug) they probably have a cabinet overflowing with these. Ever looked at thrift shops and seen the multiple shelves of coffee mugs sitting there? There's a reason - people get rid of them because they have too many. Skip this one.

2. Blankets/Throws
Like coffee mugs, these seem the perfect cold weather gift. Casually bring this one up in conversation if you can - sometimes all the blankets someone uses when watching TV go thread bare at the same time, but from my observation most people have a plethora of throws. Plus, are you really sure it goes with their decor? That's taking a pretty big risk.

3. Picture Frames
Don't get me wrong, picture frames can be awesome gifts IF they match decor &  the recipient actually has a place to stand or hang it. Otherwise, it'll either get stuck in a drawer or closet waiting to be used, or it'll go in the donation bin.

4. Socks/Slippers 
First off, do you actually know the size of recipients foot? If not, you're shooting in the dark anyway. Besides, are they a crazy sock person? Would they wear warm fuzzy socks around the house? Can they only wear a particular kind of sock due to health issues? Are they a slipper person? Clog or shoe style? Are you sure they want little sleeping bags for their feet? Do they want ankle, no show, crew...? There's a lot to consider. This is not a safe gift item unless you know the person really well.

5. Anything Tech
If they already have everything, that includes the latest tech, too. For everyone else, are you sure this is compatible with their devices? Is it something they want or would even use? If not, you're going to sink a lot of money in to a wasted gift.

6. Anything the lister claims will "go with anything"
Um, no. I haven't seen a single thing that actually met that claim. Some things are more flexible than others, its true, but reclaimed wood (metal, mirrors, etc) does, in fact, not match every decor style. Even if a person loves a particular style, have they been able to decorate their home that way? Will they be able to use it in their current space? Or will they really wish they could and feel bad that they literally have no room for it?

7. Candles
This one is tricky - I know several people who either have an allergy to most scented products or who have an intolerance to scented things due to health reasons/lung issues. Are you sure your recipient isn't one of these? And if you are sure, are you positive they are more of a Hawaii Aloha Passion Flowers person? Or would they prefer something citrusy? Something woodsy? fruity? floral? spicy? ambiguous? There's a lot of choices ... and if you're already uncertain what to get someone, this is probably not the route to take. 

What about you? What would you add to this list?

*unless you know the person really well & know they want/need an item.

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