Monday, June 27, 2016

Reading Challenge 2016: Some Clever Title

Some Clever Title: A FoxTrot Collection blah blah blah
by Bill Amend

Love FoxTrot, not this collection

I love FoxTrot. I have loved FoxTrot for many years. Its geeky and nerdy and pop culture and funny. Its my favorite comic strip, so I was looking forward to this new collection. While this had the same things I love about FoxTrot, I don't care for this collection as much. A couple of the comics are not appropriate for children (particularly the ones featuring an actual photo of a bikini model and the one where beef jerky is fashioned into beef twerky) which was disappointing. Beyond that, though, this collection only features the Sunday strips. Now the full color strips are great, but there are no story arcs. Its just a collection of funny, punny, independent strips. One of my favorite things about FoxTrot are those little collections of hilarity, so I was sad for those not to be included here.

3 stars

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