Monday, July 25, 2016

Reading Challenge 2016: Teenage Treasure Hunter

Week 26: A book published in 2016

Teenage Treasure Hunter
by: Daniel Kenney


While this book could be better, I've definitely read worse. The mystery is impossibly solved basically over a weekend by three kids while being chased and threatened. If you're going to make kids solve a decades old mystery, at least draw it out a little to make it believeable. But I reckon the target audience won't care about details like that.

The main character being black (& it being repeatedly brought up that he was black) got to be annoying. I don't care what color your skin is, it never needs to brought up ad nauseum.

Do we always have to have guy and girl liking each other? Can't we just have friends? Is it too much to ask?? OK so techincally there's nothing between these two, so I guess that's an improvement over most novels.

So all of those objections aside, it was a fun, fast paced story. I could be wrong on this part, but it seems set up to be a series...and I'm going to guess a formulaic one. But fun.

My only real complaint with the book is that the son and father pretty much have no relationship. Son disobeys his dad, his dad is all business and unpersonable. If this is a series, I hope their relationship improves with time.

3 stars

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