Friday, April 28, 2017

Let it Be

As a stay at home mom with soon-to-be four children under four years of age it's really easy to get overwhelmed. You're always at least two steps behind and just as you start catching up your child figures out how to get in their closet and dump out all the boxes of clothes you had nicely organized for their sibling to grow into.

It's very easy to get stressed and frustrated. That's why I love the message of "Let it Be" .... now that doesn't mean live in a pig-sty but realize these years and this season are fleeting and sometimes it's ok to let things not be right how you wish they were.

Let it be & give your kids a hug. They want to help you fold the laundry & it's not how you want it? Let it be. They're learning. They're proud because they picked out a clashing outfit all by themselves? Let it be and enjoy it while it lasts. Just laugh and enjoy the little moments that will disappear sooner than later. Let it be, and find that you are present, focused, and joyfully there. It's a reminder I need often, and I love this shirt provides that reminder for me.

Yes, I'm pretty much the worst selfie taker ever ;-) This Fashion Friday, I wanted to celebrate the reminder to LET IT BE and challenge myself to dress up this T-shirt that lends itself to casual wear. I chose my black and white maxi skirt to keep the outfit in classy colors, but added pops of color with the mint and gold necklace and bracelet, paired with gold earrings. A classic Southern white floppy hat adds a finishing touch! This outfit is great paired with gold, white, or black sandals! 

Outfit summary:
Sun Hat: Target
Gold earrings: Target
Tee: Cents of Style
Necklace: I modified from a layered Walmart necklace
Skirt: Walmart
Bracelet: Target

This weekend only Cents of Style has their BE series tshirts discounted! Their tees are serious go-tos for me. They have modest necklines and are long enough I don't have to worry about my midriff showing ... I mean, look at that! I'm in the final weeks of my pregnancy and I can *still* wear this shirt without worry of skin shining in the middle! BUT when I'm not pregnant it doesn't look excessively long! I have no idea how they pulled that off, but its brilliant! Brilliant I tell you. I love versatile clothes!

There are so many styles and colors to choose from and through 4/30 they are all just $15.95 + Free Shipping when you use the code BESTORY at checkout! What shirt is YOUR favorite?

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