Friday, June 15, 2007

Bible Study

NOTE: This is not intended as a "bash"

Whatever happened to Bible studies? They seem to exist nominally to a large degree. We do book studies about things in the Bible. We do step programs to help us live better Biblical lives and we discuss and debate Piper and MacArthur (who are great don't get me wrong) but what happened to picking up the Bible and seeing what it actually says - instead of what so-and-so says it says?

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Anonymous said...

That is an interesting thought, and not received as a bash by this pastor.

Could it also be that leaders are more interested in teaching books, novels, or political discussions?

But isn't this also a symptom of the church for 100 years where clergy and educated people have been held up on a high pedistal and made the folks of the church feel dumb? shame on us.