Friday, January 18, 2008

What About Picketing?

Should we picket outside of abortion clinics?

This is a very serious question. I have been trying to find a particular testimony I read of a woman who chose not to have her abortion because of caring people who took time to talk to her as they were picketing outside the clinic she was entering. If you know of a link to this story or one like it, please send it to me or post it here. I have read hundreds if not thousands of post-abortion, almost-had-an-abortion, glad-I-didn't-have-an-abortion, etc testimonies from many sites over a period of years. It takes a long time to re-read all of them.

So I have a mixed response to the question. Do I think it can be helpful and beneficial? Absolutely. That's why the particular testimony I reference stuck with me forcefully. That why I have participated in picketing that was thoughtful, respectful, kind, and prayerful. I think that kind of picketing (on public grounds - DON'T TRESPASS!) is wonderful.

At the same time, I utterly loathe in-your-face; you're-a-murder; hell, fire, and brimstone picketing. Have compassion for pity's sake! Imagine the turmoil the woman is already going through. Be gentle, be kind, and do tell the truth, but do it loving.

Have I answered the question at all? I am sorry for not having the testimony on hand. I've delayed posting this hoping to find it, but I've been unable to date. Please let me know if I need to elaborate at all or if you want to see another issue addressed.

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