Monday, May 16, 2016

Reading Challenge 2016: Stories Read from the Rocks

Week 20: A book about science

Stories Read from the Rocks
by Bertha Morris Parker


I picked this book up at a library sale because I love love love old book with the painted covers (I have the hardback of this book, the picture shown here is the pamplet cover).

Positive: This book is from the '50s and targeted to elementary aged children with very simple language and sentence structure. There are beautiful illustrations and full color photographs (of the era, so nothing crystal clear). This is really a great resource as a handbook for different kinds of rock and how they form.

Negative: There is a lot of assumptions in this book presented as fact. The age of the earth and evolution are presented as absolute truth, and that's unfortunate for a few reasons. 1. None of us saw it happen & we are fallible & should recognize that. 2. I believe there are reasons to doubt the theory of evolution. It just would've been nice for the author not to be so sure about what we cannot know with certainty. Otherwise it's a great very tiny book.

3 stars.

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