Thursday, April 26, 2007

"I Don't Know That I'm Missing ..." Additional Thoughts

So, as mentioned in my previous post there are a lot of things that we don't know we are missing. Things we cannot know we are missing, at least until we find out about them. I've been thinking about this in a different light as well. What would we be missing if certain past events had never happened?

For instance, what if Tolkien had never had The Lord of the Rings trilogy published? What a rich legacy we would be missing out on (and subsequent movies). The scary part is - we wouldn't miss it! We would be content with our lives and continue living without these books. Not that the books should be the source of life for us, but they do impact us, the way we think, phrases we use, our understanding about human nature.

Or what if Beethoven had never been born? Think of all of the wonderful music we would missing ... and not even know it. It really is quite sad to think about.

How many have been passed over, given up themselves, or been aborted so that we are missing something that would radically change our perspective about life, or the way we understand history, or found the cure for cancer?

This is all mind-boggling. True, we don't know that we are missing what will come that is "better," but, almost worse, we don't know that we are missing what never was (for various circumstances) and probably never will. As we probably "will never know what could have been."

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