Saturday, July 14, 2007

Pure Water

The filter on the refrigerator upstairs has produced horrid water since it was changed a few months ago. Okay, it's drinkable, but it doesn't taste that good. Finally, I had the idea to try the refrigerator downstairs. It was delightful. I did not like having to go so long without drinking water at my own home. I had been drinking increasing amounts of juice and milk, and while these are not bad, in and of themselves. They are drinkable, but they only increase true thirst. Thirst for water.

Only water can truly quench thirst.

I got to thinking - is this not the case in other matters of life? Religion, for example, do they not try to quench the thirst in our souls? Do they not work, in some way or another, quench that thirst in some way while only increasing our thirst that is not really satisfied? When the true water, the living water - Jesus - is drank from our thirst is quenched.

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