Sunday, August 26, 2007

On Men and Women

92 years ago, today, the 19th amendment passed, giving women the right to vote. Since that day women, not necessarily at large, but a select few, have continued to fight for women's rights in various areas. The following is some observations I have made concerning their philosophy and attack method.

In America women fought for the right to vote. They won. Since that victory women have continued to fight for equality with man in every aspect. Are men and women equal? Yes, they are, but how far is too far? In the workplace women strive for equal pay, equal opportunity, and equal position. If women decide to enter the workplace they should not be discriminated against.

Are the claims that men and women are totally equal in every way valid? Many women would be offended at the suggestion "men are just as physically attractive as women" and, as a whole, this statement is false. Many men would take offense at the idea of women being as physically strong as men. For, as a whole, men are stronger than women. So it is shown that men and women are not completely equal in every way. Just a quick look at the way males and females are designed should show this clearly. Men are not made to mother children, just as women are not made to father children. It's a fact of life.

Many time, after claiming equality with males, women go on to claim superiority. If we are equally equal in every way this should not be the case. However, it is almost like women have developed the concept:

We are all equal.
But some of us are more equal than others.

If this is the end goal, then why do women even claim to be equal to something considered to be their inferior? It is absurd. But this turns into a different discussion.

Men and women are created equal and they are equally valuable. Women should have the same job opportunities, salary increase opportunities, &c as men do. Who is hired should not be based on a ratio of female to male employees but on who is more qualified for the applicant position. The same concept should apply at educational facilities.

But what of husband and wife? Do the same principles apply at home as in the workplace? Yes. and No. Men and women still retain their equality and their differences once married. The man, however, is in a superior position. The man, however, should not make decisions based on his knowledge alone. He should consult his counterpart, his wife. They should work as a team, for the two become one flesh. The wife should serve her husband with joy and gladness, bringing good to him all the days of his life. The husband too should care, protect, and defend his wife willingly. He should be willing to sacrifice everything for her.

Men and women are equal, but different. They are not equally equal in every way. That is not and should not be a problem. Men and women compliment each other, the roles each play are the roles the opposite sex cannot play. Men and women are different, but that should be cause for rejoicing. Men and women are different, but still equal, and the differences ought not be frowned upon.

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