Monday, March 21, 2016

Reading Challenge 2016: The Mysterious Island (Graphic Novel)

Week 12: A graphic novel

The Mysterious Island
by Jules Verne

Hits the Highlights

Basically, this book is cliffs notes in graphic novel form. It glosses over and skips a lot, but you'll know the story in its most basic form after reading this. The idea, according to the preface, is to whet young readers appetites so they have a framework and desire to read the full novel when they're older. Since I'm in the reverse situation I can't say if the idea will actually work or not, but, for a summary, its pretty good. I'm just not too big on summaries and would rather hand a child the real book straight away. I read unabridged novels, like Price and the Pauper, when I was a child and figured things out so I'm biased that way. I was the crazy child, though who was always reading and always had a book on me. ... guess not much has changed.

3.5 stars

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