Monday, March 14, 2016

Reading Challenge 2016: The Story of Ferdinand

Week 11: A book with 100 pages or less 

The Story of Ferdinand 
by Munro Leaf

Not sure why this is considered a classic

It's a nice enough story, but it's just a story. A really simple story presumably for beginner readers. It took me 2 minutes to read the whole book. 

Each page has no more than a paragraph of large text and the adjoining page has a black and white illustration. I think the illustrations are the star of the book and probably why so many people enthuse over it. But really, there's no moral, no point, and it doesn't even make sense (how is Ferdinand the biggest and strongest bull when literally all he ever does is sit and smell flowers?)

I know it's a work for children, so I wasn't expecting much, but I was disappointed at how simple and pointless the work seems. I was expecting a book for around 4th-6th grade, not a black and white picture book. Meh.

2 stars.

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