Monday, April 30, 2007

A Little Bit of R&R

This past weekend I spent in the country at my G-parents house. It was so nice to sit outside in the warm air with a just-cool-enough breeze blowing. It was quiet. In the distance one could hear the cows mooing, birds singing away, dogs barking, occasionally you could hear a horse whinny and a car go by on the road. The bees were buzzing, lizards were running around, and flowers were blooming gorgeously. Occasionally the wind chimes would go at it, both the store bought and home made ones - they harmonized nicely. In the solitude a lot of work was accomplished, and I met all of my goals for the weekend. Very nice indeed. The atmosphere was very different from the city where it is always light and the traffic never stops except for construction. Sure there was fly bothering me part of time (he is no more) and a bee flew into my folder, which was funny to say the least - especially as his flight path was unsteady for the next minute, but that's a part of life. And there were actually surprising few insects out and about. I wish I could get away to the country more often. Shake out my brain.
The atmosphere is intense with emotion. It can move you from tears to laughter in a second, from loneliness to contentedness. The environment is very conducive to sorting our feelings and thoughts and it is helpful in prioritizing. Yes, this weekend was very nice indeed. Family, laughter, food, good times, accomplishment, and quality time with God these are the memories of this past weekend.

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