Monday, May 21, 2007

"And the Virgin Will Be With Child"

This may seem heretical to some (but those who know me even semi-decently would know my intent is not such) but it is an exploration into something that has held my mind captive for sometime now. Perhaps I shall write a book about it (so no one steal my idea!). We shall see. Onto the meat of this though: If Jesus had been born 2,000+ years after he was, his birth wouldn't be miraculous. Now allow me to qualify. 

Of course if everything happened as the Scriptures say now it would still be miraculous, but unbelievable, possibly a seemingly commonplace experience. At least in America. Sperm banks are available for women to go to. Virgins could go and have a sperm artificially implanted in them and bear a child. Virgins or not, single women are taking that option. Here is an interesting article by WORLD magazine (for those who don't subscribe, I'm sorry, its a very good, interesting, and informative article). Virgin birth isn't miraculous anymore. Does it discredit what happened to Mary? Absolutely not! Things like sperm banks weren't around neither was the technology. I'm glad Jesus wasn't born 2,000+ years later than he was. Something I am very thankful for.

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