Saturday, May 12, 2007

A&E's Pride and Prejudice {Movie Review}

A&E/BBC's version of Pride & Prejudice is wonderful. Of course it is not completely accurate to the book, I have yet to see a movie that it that way, but, considering the circumstances, I was well pleased.

Not to give the story away, for those who do not already know, but tension is seen much better in this rendition of the book than in the newer version. The conflict, tension, emotions, were all excessively better - mainly because it is much longer than the newer version. I like that, though. It is nice to sit down and watch a movie in leisure without feeling rushed, and without feeling bored. This movie had a nice balance. Could they have added a few more hours to the movie and made it more accurate? Of course, but very few would watch that movie (though I probably would be one of them).

I do recommend that both male and female what this version of Pride & Prejudice. I don't know of any females who have watched it and not liked it. And the guys I know who groaned being forced to watch it ended up enjoying it too.

To fill out the movie, however, I do suggest that you read the book, which I will also review at a later time. This movie, however, I recommend without any apprehension and without any qualms at all. I highly suggest that you pick it up next time you want to watch a movie, just make sure you have 5 hours to watch it, or that you can watch it in two sittings.

As nice as this version is, though, it's not my favorite.

3.5 out of 5 stars

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Michelle said...

Regardless of preference for either P&P or 2001, it might be stated that each is certainly an iconic movie. BUT that's not why I leave a comment.... I just came across your blog using the Next Blog button. Your mix of current events, quotes, and entertainment seems similar to my own blog content. And you've referenced one of my favoritest indulgences ever (the aforementioned 1995 P&P), so I am leaving a "hello" and "thanks for the amusements" comment. :)

Ruth Sophia said...

For some reason, I am just seeing your comment, Michelle! I guess I missed the email blogger sent me about your comment. Thank you for your note - I appreciate it! Even if it is 8 years later!