Monday, May 14, 2007

The Same Sun Still Rises

Thinking about the sun amazes me. It has been in the sky essentially since the beginning of time. Forget about the walls speaking - what if the sun could speak! Think about the sun in the sky ... it has seen the rise and fall of nations, some of which we probably know not of. It looked down on Abraham, David, Malachi, Jesus, Paul, Jerome, Aquinas, Chaucer, Shakespeare, Queen Elizabeth, Washington, Lincoln and Lee. The sun has seen the advance of technology, the brutal acts of man and beast, and the kindness acts of compassion from the same. The same sun that Aristotle looked for in the morning, Hume said might not rise tomorrow. Nevertheless it has faithfully risen and set for thousands of years. How great is God! How great is His faithfulness. I stand rapt in awe.

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