Monday, May 28, 2007

Mr. Moon

Mr. Moon won't you please
Tell me what it is you see
Lovers in harmonious harmony
And birds sittin' in the willow tree
Glassy lakes and silver seas
Spread beneath the starry sky
While children weep and widows cry
People questioning, wondering "Why?"
Wars are fought, battles won,
You go down, up comes the sun.
The same story's told throughout the day
People journeying different ways
Wandering down this path of life
Some filled with anger, grief, strife
Others with joy, peace, and love
Like a gift from up above
Mr. Moon oh don't you know
Sometimes I just want to go
Find out what's around the bend
Find out how the stories end
But you don't know the secret either
So as I sit under your glow
We can sit and ponder together
Just what tomorrow will hold

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