Monday, May 2, 2016

Reading Challenge 2016: The Sign of the Beaver

Week 18: A book written in the 20th century

The Sign of the Beaver
by: Elizabeth George Speare

Great Book for Children

Enjoyable, easy read with children as the target audience. The best part about the story was how it felt it could be real. The interactions Matt has with Attean keep shifting his perspective, and he recognizes that his family will probably never understand. He starts to understand that the two races have completely different worldviews, and he isn't sure how to help Attean understand why white people think the way they do. 

One reason I appreciated the book is because it was pretty balanced as far as pointing out aspects where it was misunderstanding between the races, and how both sides were at fault at times. Very refreshing and preferred to the common books that totally slam one side or the other. 

While it is not a perfect book, it is very well done overall. I highly recommend it.

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