Thursday, December 10, 2015

#StorytimeChristmasCountdown Day 10: The Story of Santa Claus

The Story of Santa Claus
by: Joseph McCullough

Wouldn't Give this to My Child

The main reason I cannot recommend this book is because everything - all the legends, stories, and details - are treated as fact. If the information in the book was presented merely as "this is what some people say" and "here's another story later on" or "this is why people connect Santa and St. Nick" I wouldn't have issue with it. It would be a history of a legend.

Instead the book present all the tales as factual, when actually very little is known about St. Nicholas. All tales are presented as fact, even to the point of St. Nicholas ACTUALLY being Santa Claus who ACTUALLY lives at the North Pole. This "history" is more like a treatise to convince children that Santa Claus is real, instead of helping us understand the man behind the legend.

This is useful as a guide to the myths, but given the book's apparent purpose as an apologetic for Santa Claus, I cannot recommend it wholesale.

3 stars

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