Wednesday, December 2, 2015

#StorytimeChristmasCountdown Day 2: Merry Creature Christmas!

Merry Creature Christmas!
by: Dandi Daley Mackall
Board Book

Content Disappointing

I was excited when I saw this book as I love Mackall's Backyard HorsesWinnie the Horse Gentler series. Unfortunately, this book didn't live up to expectations.

My big disappointment is that the colt disobeys his mom & a does not get punished - instead she is proud of him! That is not a lesson I want my children to learn, and unfortunately it is key to the story.

Minor quibble: what is "Creature Christmas"? The animals sing praises to God & are celebrating Jesus' birth, isn't that just Christmas? Why add a word in front?

The illustrations are fine, and the rhyme cute, but because of the aforestated disappointment I cannot recommend this book.

I have not listened to the accompanying CD.

3 stars

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