Saturday, December 12, 2015

#StorytimeChristmasCountdown Day 12: The Mitten (Brett)

The Mitten 
by: Jan Brett
Board Book

Story: Just alright, Artwork: Top notch

The illustrations are detailed and beautiful - I keep noticing more things every time I look at this board book with my child! Top notch job there. The story ... meh. I have read many reviews with complaints that the animals are bullied into being let inside the mitten, maybe that's the case in a different version, but that's not true for the board book. The animals do force their way in, but nothing is noted about any creature being scared of another. No young child is going to care that the story doesn't make any sense with being able to fit so many creatures in one mitten - they will think its very silly. The way the story is told is nothing special, though. I love the book just for the charming illustrations. Story aside, the artwork is sure to delight all ages.

3 stars

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