Sunday, December 13, 2015

#StorytimeChristmasCountdown Day 13: The Donkey's Dream

The Donkey's Dream
by: Barbara Helen Berger
Picture Book

Open to Interpretation

A donkey dreams he is carrying, in turn, a city, a ship, a rose, and a fountain on his back. The author's note explains how these symbols are connected with the virgin, Mary. This is the Catholic view. A Protestant could read this book & see all the symbols as representing Jesus. But a pagan could read the story & see it representing mother earth! Until the author's note at the end there is nothing to necessarily connect this story to that of Christmastime, & (as noted) the meaning is open to interpretation. If an explanatory note is needed (& it is) it seems like a poor story. A story should be understood without the need for the author to include the interpretation - especially a book designed for children.

The story is actually pretty strange and disconnected. The explanatory note makes it a little less so, but I still don't recommend it, especially for the very young.

Story: 1 star
Illustrations: 3 stars
Average: 2 stars

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